How many students are you accepting?
WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING 10 STUDENTS. When you fill in your application please write as much as you can in the motivation and ambition questions, this will help us choose.

Is it free?
Yes, the mentoring program is 100% free.

Can Kurds apply?
Yes anyone who lives in Iraq, Iran or Syria can apply. You can be Kurdish, Yezidi, Assyrian, Iranian, Persian, Arab, anything! You just have to live in Iraq, Iran or Syria.

Is this run by the government? Is it funded by the government?
No, it’s not run by any government. It’s not funded by any one at the moment. It’s a private project being run by Mevan Babakar.

How old do you need to be to apply?
You need to be 18 or over to apply.

The paragraphs says 300 word. So is the limit 300 or it should be 300 words?
It’s very important that you write a lot in the questions about ambition and motivation. We are only accepting 10 students, so we will use this information to make our choice. The more you can explain what your personal ambitions and motivations are, the better your chances. 300 words is the maximum you can write in each question.

If I choose multiple topics to learn, or different time commitments, will it reduce my chances of joining?
The minimum time requirement is 1 hour a month, you have to be available for that at least. If you want to learn multiple topics eg front end and back end etc you can select multiple. This will not reduce your chances of joining. Be as truthful as you can! If you want to learn everything, just select everything. If you want to learn just one thing, pick that. This information is to help us select the right mentor for you only.

Will I definitely be selected?
No, over the next 6 months we are only accepting 10 mentors, and 10 mentees. So it’s possible that you might not be selected.

How often are you doing this?
We are doing mentoring for 6 months starting after September 12th. The minimum requirement from mentors and mentees is that they have to meet 1 hour every month, for 6 months. Some might decide to meet more often, which is encouraged. We might do another 6 months if the first pilot is a success.

What is the benefit of all this? What will I gain? How is your training going to help me? What are the lessons going to be like?
Mentoring is not receiving lessons. Everyone is going to have a different mentoring experience, they will not be the same. It is up to you and your mentor to make goals together, and to help you achieve your goals. It’s a relationship that you are building with someone who is more experienced. We cannot tell you exactly what you will learn, you and your mentor are responsible for that. Level Up is connecting you with someone who can maybe provide a short cut for your learning. At the moment we have mentors signed up with experience at Google, the UK government, start ups, venture capital, non profits and a lot more. These are people with in some cases 20+ years experience. It’s up to you to make the most of that experience, and to learn as much as you can from them.

How much experience do you need to be a mentor?
At the minute there is no requirement. Every mentor gets interviewed, and then we pair mentees up according to who we think would be a good match.

We will add more Frequently Asked Questions as they occur.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us.